About Us

Bridges Eating Disorders Association was established to promote understanding and to provide support services for all people affected by eating disorders in Western Australia.

We are an alliance of individuals with lived experience of eating disorders, parents, carers and health professionals who are passionate about working together to advocate a holistic and team approach in the recovery process.

Short term objectives

  • Creating public awareness of eating disorders
  • Educate society about eating disorders
  • Advising direction to professional help and resources
  • General support for sufferers, carers, families, friends & health professionals
  • General support and assistance for people in rural areas
  • Website, brochures and newsletters.

Long term goals

  • Telephone support line
  • A community multipurpose house and resource centre
  • Advocacy and support for the development of services in Western Australia

Building an alliance of individuals, family and health professionals to improve the lives of those affected by eating disorders